Left Arm In Cast

We're trying something to help a deserving young lad who loves comics... and could do with something to make him feel a bit better right now.

Phil Barnett, the 13 year old son of Lee "Budgie" Barnett, and the writer of Finland! Finland! Finland! cut his left hand (his writing, and drawing, hand) badly a couple of weeks ago, severing a tendon. He had an operation on it and is currently recovering well, but when Budgie went to Bristol's Comic Expo, he got some sketches from friends and artists of characters with their left arm in a splint and sling.

Pictures like this:

From Bevis Musson :


From Dave Gibbons:


From John Higgins:


And from D'Israeli:


Phil loves these pics, but we'd like to get him more, a lot more... So we're spreading the word.

Budgie's only requests are that you remember that they're for a thirteen year old, so can we keep them non-sexual, that the character can be any character from comics, but must have their left arm in a sling and cast or arm length splint, and also that they contain some kind of get well message for Phil...

He also asks if you can send a copy of the sketch (or the URL where he can see it) to leftarmincast@gmail.com... and spread the word...

The URL for Finland! Finland! Finland! is either http://www.hypotheticals.co.uk/finland.pdf or http://tinyurl.com/finland3

Many thanks!